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  • Always do an awesome job

    Always do an awesome job with my dog and it lasts the longest of any dog spa around . Worth it every time we go.

    Brain Lovell

  • Wonderful selection of animal goodness and treats.

    Smiling faces everytime.....Wonderful selection of animal goodness and treats .......Convenient and they even do phone orders for pickups

    Ellen Holmes Steeves-LeBlanc

  • Excellent service, best groomers and store staff.

    Can I give 10 stars???? Excellent service, best groomers and store staff. Took my two goldens today. One has anxiety issues, the groomer held her in her lap while she groomed her! I will definitely be back! I plan to book my grooming on line when we come to the beach! Love yall!!! Many, many thanks!!! So glad yall are here!!

    Donna Mills

  • This place is awesome!

    Coffee and dogs?! Does it get any better...this place is awesome. It's a very cozy atmosphere and perfect start to the day (or mid day pick me up)! Every time I have gone the staff has been friendly and helpful--especially when I can't make up my mind with all their yummy options! It's our favorite coffee shop in the area, and by *our I mean mine and my dog's! She loves their many treat choices, and of course the pup cup! It's become a staple outing throughout the week. 10/10 would recommend!

    Jessica O'Neal

  • Totally affordable prices.

    The "Bark Squad" l-r Dreyfus, Bonnie and Eli were professionally, affectionately, lovingly and thoroughly cared for.They were all treated to the" works " Totally affordable prices, after 7 weeks we are making our next appointment now Picture below is right after Bonnie and Dreyfus returned from "Day of Beauty" 2-14-20 at Muttigans. This time Dawn was Team leader with the most pleasant support from Camrie.. Services performed (as i have become gladly accustomed to) was performed expertly and with a heart felt empathy. Dawn went the extra step of providing them each with a "I love NY" bandana and tie, so cool. plus they were very laid back at pick up time, you can tell just by that fact alone that Dawn And Camrie created a great atmosphere to work in. Our Eli has an appointment , Wednesday, so we will travel again to Muttigans, thats our spot now we humans and canines love it so

    John Rauchfuss

  • This is such a cute shop

    This is such a cute shop. The prices were incredibly fair, and they had a good selection of toys, treats, food, and care items. The coffee is incredibly tasty. I ordered a hot Americano black, and I couldn't be more pleased. I also had a pina colada smoothie, which was also delicious. The woman at the register was kind and patient as I decided I needed to order multiple things, and my drinks were made very quickly. I will definitely be back, and I can't wait to do my dogs' holiday shopping here.

    Savana Staggs

  • Great spot!

    Great spot! Friendly staff and great prices! Our 14 year old pup and our newest puppy enjoyed their happy birthday pup cups!!! We will definitely visit again.

    Jan Banks

  • The best experience I’ve had

    This was the best experience at a groomer I’ve had in the 8 years of my dogs life. The shop and grooming parlor are clean and organized and staff is friendly and experienced. I will be taking my dog back regularly to keep him as beautiful as he looked today when I picked him up. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great grooming experience for their pet to visit here.

    Kathy Krucher

  • They are fantastic

    I took my two very large Alaskan Malamutes to Muttigans Grooming in Swansboro - they are fantastic. My dogs came out clean and deshedded and beautiful. Best dog groomers for large breeds - hands down. Ask for Cara, she groomed my 162 pound Gus like never before. wonderful.

    Karla Torrez

  • I love this little shop

    I love this little shop. They have a wonderfully curated selection of toys, treats, food, grooming and really everything your pup could need. Bonus? Coffee and smoothies.

    Savana Dempich

  • Love these gals!

    Love these gals! Great atmosphere delicious coffee. They take great care of my dogs in the grooming department. When I took my dogs to a couple other groomers they would not want to get out of the car, wouldn’t voluntarily go into the place, and couldn’t wait to get out of the place. I’m happy to report they don’t behave that way when we go to muttigans. Exactly the opposite reactions. Would highly recommend.

    Rebecca Hicks