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Cats are in love with toys. And people who love cats love to watch cats play with their toys.

If you were to shut your eyes and reflect to your happiest instants with your cats, chances are that the images that pop into your mind consist of your cats at play. Stalking, jumping, overpowering, and hitting toys around provides cats and their people lots of joy - so why do cats so often overlook the toys we bring home for them?

There is one very basic rule to keep in mind about buying toys for cats:

Cats want selection. Cats like to have a toy in every group all the time.

Cats don't just like toys. They enjoy lots of toys. They like an assortment of interactive cat toys that use each one of their hunting skills. If you have enough toys, you can rotate your cat's options so they can search for a favorite toy. Just don't hide a favorite toy away for good. Ensure your cats have possibilities to enjoy all of their toys frequently.

What are the groups of cat toys? Here are just a few:

Balls and chasers entice your cat to chase with feathers, fun noises, and peculiar shapes.

Catnip toys are inebriating toys your cats will clamor for.

Chew toys are a great choice for cats that enjoy to chew, and they also help to keep your cat's breath fresh and teeth clear.

Interactive and electronic toys bring out the best in your cat's hunting talents.

Plush and mice toys eventually are treasured toys that can soothe and relax your cat when it's time to go into the carrier.

Scratcher posts and mats are a must for senior cats and kitties.

Teasers and wands are excellent toys for sharing playtime with your cat.

Tunnels become the covering places where you can easily find your cat.

And variety packs help you ensure your cat always has a fun toy.

Remember to shop for cat-sized toys, not human-sized toys.

Cats like toys that are light and small enough to be smacked without a lot of effort. They also enjoy toys that are small enough to be grasped. And their favorite toys are objects they can interact with in several ways.

And keep in mind that cats really need safe toys.

When you are trying to find toys for your cat, you need to be sure they do not have any strings that could be pulled off and swallowed. They need to be large enough that your cat won't try to eat them. They should be made from non-toxic materials. Little button eyes and button noses are sweet, but anything that can be bitten off and swallowed is risky for your cat. Cats of all ages can be injured by toys with sharp points and edges. Buy safe toys to keep your cats safe. At Muttigans we only deliver toys that are safe for your cat.

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