5 Tips when Potty Training Your Puppy

by Development User 12 feb

I am excited to share the news that I am getting a new puppy! She is from one of the litters being taken care of by Misplaced Mutts. As I write this, Misty, is only three weeks old, so I still have several weeks before I can bring her home. But that gives me time to prepare for her homecoming.

It has been about 13 years since I have had a puppy in the home since my two girls, Josie and Moka were adopted as adults. One of the biggest challenges of having a puppy is getting them potty trained or housebroken.

I know some of you may have just gotten your puppy or like me, are back in the puppy stage. So here are five great tips to know when you are potty training:

  1. Most puppies will find a way to signal that they are about to potty. It may be by barking, circling, or sitting by the door. By learning to identify the tell signs you can avoid ‘accidents’ in the home.
  2. If possible, find out what their behavior history is from the previous owner or breeder. If they have started the potty training process, find out what they were doing so you provide consistency to the puppy.
  3. Compared to an older dog, puppies have not learned to respond to training commands and their small bladders are harder to control. So be patient with them as they learn. They are doing their best and in the proper environment will be eager to please you.
  4.  Give the puppy praise after going potty where you want it to. Like humans, dogs respond well to encouragement after doing something right. If they like treats, then make a small, low calorie treat part of their reward!
  5. Dogs don’t like to eat or play in the same place that has been designated for bathroom use. If your puppy has an accident, make sure to clean it up well and deodorize it using a solution that will break down the enzymes, such as Nature’s Miracle. Most other sprays will simply cover the scent but not actually eliminate it.

Potty training a puppy isn’t hard but it does take time, patience and consistency. Like humans, the actual timeframe will vary from dog to dog, but eventually your puppy will learn where it is expected to go potty and how to communicate that it needs to go with you.

If you have any questions about items that can make potty training easier, such as the Nature’s Miracle spray or training bells, contact us. We would be happy to help you and your pup!

The pic above is not Misty, but stay tuned for pics of her in the coming weeks!

Wendy Megyese
Founder & Visionary