Meet the Team: Josh Velazquez - Store Manager, Emerald Isle

by Development User 29 dec

Yes, the moustache is real.
Hi,  I’m Josh. I am the manager of Muttigans Emerald Isle and the company IT guy. I have been involved with Muttigans since it was in the ideation phase. I am so thrilled to see how it has grown and the impact we are having in our communities. 

I am fortunate enough to have lived in different regions of this nation, including the outer banks of NC where I currently call home, the rainforest in Puerto Rico, the iconic city of San Francisco and a few places in between.  One thing that holds true wherever I called home is that people love good coffee and the companionship of their pets. Being a part of the growing Muttigans movement and serving the communities of pet parents and coffee lovers is exciting and I plan to stay on board for a long time! 

In my free time, I like taking care of my fish, and was the spearhead behind getting the saltwater tank placed in the Emerald Isle store. My favorite beverage on our menu?  The Coastal Cordial - a dark chocolate and raspberry latte!