Stuffing a Kong Toy: Expert Level

by Development User 22 sep

School is back in session, at least partially. Some of you have returned to your physical work location. And your dogs? They are wondering why you and your kids aren’t home 24/7 anymore! Separation anxiety is a real and growing issue with our pets and while there is no one perfect answer to resolve the problem, giving your dogs something that will keep them busy and mentally occupied  will help ease the boredom that can accompany the anxiety.

One of the easiest and most reliable to keep them occupied is by using a Classic Kong toy

If you are not famlliar with  Kongs, they are durable and  can provide hours of quality, mental stimulation. Plus, they are super easy to use.  Better still, they can be frozen, which makes them last even longer!

Here are some tips to a perfect stuffed Kong -

Step 1: Wash, and Plug
Clean them with warm water and an old tooth brush. The “plug area” of the Kong has a tendency to collect left over peanuts butter so make sure to spend a little extra time scrubbing there.Once the Kong is clean and dried, you can make the’ plug’.

The best way to do it is to just push a big glob of peanut butter into the small hole of the Kong to create a “plug”.

Step 2: The Sticky Stuff

  • Peanut Butter
  • Greek yogurt
  • Coconut oil

To start, spread a layer of “sticky stuff” on the inside of the Kong: whether that be peanut butter, yogurt, or coconut oil. Try to get a decent amount on each of the 3 ribs of the Kong.

You can use a mini rubber spatula to help you reach the very top of the Kong

Pro Tip: Use a mini muffin pan to hold the Kong upright while they are being stuffed & while they are in the freezer — no more spills!


Step 3: The Sweet Stuff

  • Banana
  • Apples
  • Blueberries 

When you  stuff Kongs, you’ll be working backwards — with the most rewarding treats going in first.


Step 4: The Good Stuff

  • Freeze Dried Treats
  • Soft Treats
  • Kibble

Next, add some calories to their Kongs which makes them a good mid-afternoon snack. Some great options are freeze dried treats from Honest Kitchen, soft training treats from Health Extension or Zuke’s or just some of the kibble you already feed your dog.

This section should fill the next rib of the Kong.


Step 5: The Healthy Stuff

  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Cucumber

The last rib of the Kong is perfect to fill with veggies  like cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli.


Step 6: The Finisher

  • Honest Kitchen broth (or water)

Before sticking the Kong in the freezer, add  broth or water

Pro Tip: add all your liquids once the Kong is in the freezer to reduce any spills during transportation.

Once the finisher is in, leave the Kong in the freezer overnight to solidify completely.


 Now you can let your pup enjoy this healthy and fun treat!